Post… IKE!

At first, as always the usual lack of interest about the weather things around this city, but then, suddenly the panic was every where, on the gas stations, on the super markets, on the people chats, on the people eyes. Comments came and went so I decided to pay a little of attention. Again a hurricane was “forming” on the gulf of Mexico, you know that, there are even traffic signs with that information everywere, but this one seemed to be serious, after 4 hurricane warnings, this one was comming straight towards Houston. Well if Ike was comming I was going to stay, live the experience, enjoy it.

It was Friday, I spent Thursday looking for different things like food, water, radio, and emergency stuff. But was not easy, 5 million people were looking for exactly the same things, so I did not have too much options to choose, once with water, fill the gas tank, just in case, since evacuation was no longer an option. Again, it was Friday so we got friends to stay home, during the storm, we cooked, had some drinks, played some games, all day long waiting for Ike. At 12 am (Saturday) seemed a pretty nice storm, the window made the trees move back and forward, we were enjoying taking pictures, having fun. After 3 hours we decided to go to sleep, but then the real hurricane got over us, the building was cracking and all that I could think about was “common, can´t be this hard!” things were kind of normal again at 5 am, clearly was imposible to sleep, was like having a little earthquaque with wind and rain the hole night. The next day my apartment had no water, no electricity, both bad news, so we decided to move to a friend´s place that had both. There was really bad comunication, almost all the traffic lights were wheter broken or not working at all, some buildings had holes on their walls some had no roof at all. Driving was hard since almost all streets had trees or parts of trees blocking them. The south part of the city was ruined for at least a month, my part of the city was in pretty bad shape, and the north part kind of the same. 60% of Houston had no electricity, and therefore no AC, no way to cook, no way to charge your mobile phone, or laptop, no fridge. After 2 weeks still at least 20% of the city has no electricity and the south part of the city is still closed, most people lost their homes down there, some still have no water at their homes, and a lot of trafic ligths are still not working.

But some how the city manages to keep going, they have hurricane season every year, and what about us? we don´t have this kind of destruction every year, or any thing nearly alike. Maybe our curse is just a looong “bad politicians” season. But so far it seems to me that is the moment to be not only prepared for them, but also making some changes. That´s the difference that I find so far between the developed countries and the non ones, they adapt the conditions to what´s better for them, us… well we left a few ones to put the conditios that are good for those few.

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