Nine days ago a new moment that I shall not forget just happened, as all the other moments that I still don’t forget, I followed it on TV, this “magic box” brought directly to my eyes again one of those historic moments. The forth of November, around 11 post meridiem, the new president of US spoke in Chicago. And at least for me he spoke with truth, with courage, with honesty. I have been thinking on what was the thing that touched me the most, and honestly I don’t know yet. But I would like to remark the emphasis of the speech on the unity around the dream and hope to improve, the desire of listening specially when disagreement is found, the understanding that destiny of people all around the world is shared, and above all the ideals of democracy, liberty, opportunity.

Several things came to my mind, mainly two contradictory ones, first one is a phrase I once read, he claimed “tenemos un super presidente” (we have a super president) referring to Colombia’s president. Second one the things of the story that came to my mind at the time Obama was speaking, for instance the fall of the Berlin wall with people happy jumping and celebrating, the fire on The Palace of Justice, and some terrorists attacks in Colombia and in the world. I think I was too little to understand the importance of those events, but not anymore.

In the end of the speech, Obama asks the people “if our children should live to see the next century, what change would they see? What progress would we have made? This is our chance to answer that call, this is our moment, this is our time!

This reminds me my first post, with the hope of some children speaking to their parents, dear parents…Obama represents the hope to United States and to the world. Those new ideals contrast with the politics of our so called super president, with the politics of our army, with the behavior of our politicians, and of course also of us as Colombians as well. Democracy is a very funny thing, people can elect a fascist president, like Hitler or today’s Berlusconi but also can lead to huge changes on societies like the one we just saw were people put high values over the desire of revenge or violent values. The speech, the direction of The United States just changed from the progress based on war, the progress based on oppression, to progress based on opportunities, on civil rights, on liberty. Meanwhile Colombian president is trying to deal with the pressure of ONG’s that report huge human rights violations accusing them of being “farianos”. I can’t stand this kind of president that is far away from the first one I would dear to call super president.

It is in our hands the right and the duty to construct a better country, to elect a better president and to leave for our children a better society, what we should think is if a better society is going to be constructed with oppression, through fascism, through discrimination, through violence, or if we need better and higher values. So far we don’t have a super president, the states are going to have something closer to it I guess and the example should be useful for our society.

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