De vuelta a innovar

I’ve been thinking about writing a post to reply to Hermes’ last post and to tell him that pocketPC is not an OS. As far as I remember (for the last 6 years) all pocketPC’s have been running Windows mobile, and actually they started this trend when they decided to step aside from the most used PalmOS for handheld devices. So, first, pocketPC is not an OS, and well on the market is also Android OS from Google. Second comment I wanted to make for that post, well is simple I think that US market is fashion driven, this means that the market impulse you to buy the latest version of the same thing you already have but this latest version solves some problems of the previous version, and well, net year you will need to buy the next version that solves all other new problems that were created, but still is cool to have, and well since you need to have the last version of different things that do basically the same thing but in different ways, well you buy another product. So in the end you have one smart phone to listen music, another one to read e-mails, and both to make calls, surf the web, and etc. Well both do exactly the same, just the same. So in the end you have users that have 2 or 3 of those devices, without any valid reason. So my advice, as always, buy based on your needs, ask yourself if you need to send this email today meanwhile you are having a dinner with your family, or when you are having some beers with friends. Do not buying fashion driven, buy use driven, buy smart.

But well the real reason of this post is that I just saw something that I consider fantastic, it’s called the sixth sense project, and was presented on a conference. I always try to thing what would be the next big thing coming and is pretty hard to come up with ideas, everything seems to be device centered and well, is hard thinking that you don’t need to invent a new device. Everything also seems to be converging, that’s why the cell phone now allows you to go on Internet, listen music, work on different files, etc. But as I was saying, I just saw something magnificent, that answer to a question that may seem stupid “can we come up with a sixth sense?” something that allows us to use the power of information on the web everywhere we go? every time we need? Well the first thing came to my mind was (well the smartphone, duh!) but Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry came up with something incredible. If you want more info, go to TED Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense | V…“, posted with vodpod

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3 Responses to De vuelta a innovar

  1. Many different models of Pocket PC–based smartphones are made by multiple manufacturers. As a result, far more choices
    are available compared with other platforms. Because of the widespread support of the Pocket PC platform, even Palm Inc. has released a Pocket PC–enabled Treo with a QWERTY thumb board.

    However, despite similarities in appearance, Pocket PC is not identical to Windows Mobile 6.0 and does not run the same versions of program software.

    Me extraña profesoooor!

  2. Microsoft dropped the name Pocket PC in favor of a new naming scheme. Devices without an integrated phone are called Windows Mobile Classic devices instead of Pocket PCs.

    • AG says:

      I do not really understand your first reply since you say on the first paragraph that “PocketPc-based smartphones are …” this means that the devices run PocketPc OS, but on the second paragraph you mention that Pocket PC … does not run the same versions of program software” well an OS can’t run another OS.

      So just to be clear, when you are talking about Pocket PC’s I quote from wikipedia “A Pocket PC, abbreviated P/PC or PPC, is a hardware specification for a handheld-sized computer (Personal digital assistant) that runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. It may have the capability to run an alternative operating system like NetBSD, Linux, Android or others. It has many of the capabilities of modern desktop PCs.”

      And as you can see here on the marketshare of smartphones OS’ there is no PocketPC

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