I just read a post made by Dr.C. on his Hermes Blog. The reason I did so, well I usually read this blog, I don’t read Patton, I don’t read almost any blog, I read very few, the ones that I feel have something. In fact I hate this trend of following, and reading what everyone’s reading. It just happens everywhere. Let’s take Twitter as an example, many, many people are using Twitter, the number of users just grows and grows, and users just go in, look for few friends and try to “follow” the “most followed” person on twitter. They argue many reasons, like they are interested on what they say, or stuff like that. But I believe that in tons of applications of the known web 2.o, people are just using it on a fashion driven way. I mean, in most of the applications there is no substance. I believe that in most cases, as Dr.C mentioned, we are not adding any value; we are not generating any value back to society. Most of this fashion driven web 2.0 impulse is just based on the deep desire to gossip on a much bigger scale than we (human kind) have done before. We are impulse driven.

As an example, I went to SXSW interactive, on the first Saturday, and went out totally disappointed. Last year Twitter was the big attraction on this event. This year was supposed to be mebbo. What would be next year? I saw many people making money, no doubt, I went to a room sponsored by Microsoft for bloggers, with food and everything, quite a lot of “famous” bloggers and that’s it. Nothing else was happening besides people talking and boosting all the way around. What I saw was just simple humans using a tool (blog) for their particular benefit. Then I went to some conferences, about metadata (absolutely disappointed!), and about different applications for web 2.0 (even more). 

I don’t want to leave the impression that Web 2.0 is worthless, I deeply believe that there are several good ideas out there, like wiki and stuff. But for more of what I have seen, I believe that we are seeing the same we saw in the 90’s with the DOTcom bubble. A lot of people doing easy money out of a non well understood business.

As a final recommendation, we need to stop putting names on the Web, I can take it with the 2.0, but 3.0??? WTF!! Where is a definition of that? Well is here and is quite different of what “common” people think, it’s about applications, the connectivity between them and how people will share them, it’s not about virtual worlds or things like that!

 Final note: please use your resources with wisdom, don’t follow just because everyone is following, and construct, interact, and stop being fashion driven.

By the way, I saw this on SXSWradiotalk

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  1. Just like you said it will be!

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