Stories of blogs and Bloggers

PressI believe there is nothing wrong with being a blogger, I believe blogs reflect a scenario we have seen in the past and as always our nature make us forget history. Dr. Hermes wrote a last blog about being a blogger, and I agree with most of it, I agree that is disgusting being a blogger just because… well you know, it’s cool, or everyone else is doing it, or many other reasons. I agree having a blog just to write blogs about how much ppl click on your blog is not the right thing seems silly and lack of fundamental reasons.

Dr. H criticize the bloggers with a lot of true (most of them are, as I wrote on a post before, fashion driven, and with lack of purpose) but argues against the term blogger using an analogy that’s not correct. He says that never before any one was named “penciller” or “machine typer”, and so on. Based on the idea (true) that those writers no matter what they are using to write were never called a different thing than writers. That’s true, but to compare a blog with a pencil or writing machine is incorrect.

Blogs are not tools for writing, are tools to disseminate or to spread knowledge, opinions, convictions, among others, or to “influence those who influence” (not sure about that translation :S). Blogs are tools to share, not tools to write. So the term is more than correct, and the technology is more than welcome! Blogs are the new “imprenta” or the new press (word press!).

So shall we recall the medieval times where only monks (or priests, or any other denomination you like) had the knowledge to write and therefore to print, they documented important milestones as well as awful moments of humankind history. Years later this knowledge was passed to few (still very powerful) people. As you know, dear readers, (if some, better yet, if any!), knowledge is power and to control it is to control a very powerful tool. So I want you to make a little travel with me in order to understand the importance of this fact. Please picture yourself in a world where everything is very different from what you see now, there is no news paper on your door every morning, there are no magazines, no printed propaganda, you don’t study as you do now days, imagine that all your knowledge comes from what other people tells you (those who can read). Picture yourself on a place where no business cards exist, and where books are being write by hand for centuries and you have no access to them. You are powerless, you can draw, and if you try hard, you may be able to learn how to write, but very few in the planet will read your books, simply by the fact that you are not going to write them more than once. So, now come back and see all the things around you, in your wallet, in your table, in your laptop and you will see that all of them come from a point that is the bases of the modern society, Guttenberg’s press machine.

I believe that by now you may appreciate that the tool for writing is different from the tool for publishing, since the first one gives the author the possibility to put his ideas on a piece of paper (now days some internet website), and the second one give him the possibility to share.

Blogs are important since they allow people to share thoughts, opinions, illusions, or delusions. They bring hope, like we will share different things than we see on FOX news, or on RCN. When the press was invented, many people started publishing about different things, like poetry, or science fiction, or religion, somewhere good writers, somewhere terrible, some sold thousands of copies of their books, others just none. But they never had the ability to share those stories, without paying for them. That is a blog and that’s why is important, none of us goes to a press company to ask if they can publish our delusions, a blog gave us the opportunity. So you can be the worst blogger ever or the best, but no one ever before had the chance to share their thoughts as we do using a blog now days. It is true, there is a lot of BS outside (or inside?), but it’s also true also that no writer before had the chance to put outside on the world his/her thoughts.

The first book printed (should I say pressed? by “pressers”, like bloggers??) was a bible, a single version of the bible, letting behind the multiple copies written by few people, was a powerful tool to consolidate christianism. Later knowledge spread on book, now day’s writers do not need “pressers” they can be Bloogers or BlogWriters!


P.S.: I wish new generations are able to imagine a different word as different as the one on the 15th century!

P.S.: Quibuo, si ha pensado en mi idea?

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